“Top 5″ at Embarcadero Conference Brazil 2016

EmbarcaderoMVPTeam (1)

My “Arduino + Delphi mobile apps” presentation won the 2016 Silver medal at the Embarcadero Conference Brazil event! Wow! Can you image my joy!?!

It is known that Embarcadero Conference Brazil is the biggest Delphi event in the world and gathers 600+ people every year and for 2016 we had 45 presentations in 7 simultaneous rooms… I was invited as speaker for all the editions since 2011… and this is the 4th time I am selected by the audience among the Top 5 best presentantions at the event!

I work hard and give my best… but there is no better joy then the recognition of the audience! Thanks to everybody that visited the event and I hope to see you all next year in São Paulo-Brazil!

The Top 5 speakers are invited to record their presentations and an online version of the event is held by Embarcadero and the videos are latter posted at the official Embarcadero Brasil Youtube channel. Below you can find the Top 5 videos (pt-BR spoken)!

The slides for all the presentations are available for download on PDF format via GitHub and you can also download all the sample source codes. Here I made my presentations available also via Slideshare as you can see below. Remember you can also access the directory and download complete contents for all the events since 2012. Wow!


Submetendo sua app para Google Play [Landerson Gomes]
Submetendo sua app para App Store [Prof. Neri]

Existe um mundo lá fora esperando para ser controlado: Delphi Mobile + Arduino [Victory Fernandes]

MongoDB com Delphi – Um oceano de possibilidades [Thulio Bittencourt]

FireMonkey para desenvolvedores VCL / Efeitos, animações, 3D e transições em FMX [Rodrigo Mourão]

Com o fim do Emissor gratuito, vamos desenvolver um Emissor ao vivo! [Régys Silveira]


Gostou? Quer ter acesso gratuito ao material completo do evento desta e de todas as outras palestras? Para acesso ao material completo consulte o <a href=”https://github.com/flrizzato/EmbarcaderoConference” target=”_blank”>GitHub oficial</a> do evento

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