Submission to ADUG Autumn Symposium 2013

ADUG Submission

In a recent post I told you guys that the Australian Delphi User Group was looking for speakers for their annual conference the ADUG Autumn Symposium to be held around March/April 2013 and with all travel and accomodation expenses paid for by ADUG. For more information on how to submit to ADUG Autumn Symposium 2013 open this link

So… I am a Delphi developer and I always wanted to visit Australia… why not put it all together?! :)

With that in mind I just uploaded my submission showing some details about my presentation and some hands-on live testing where I actually demonstrate my iPHONE
turning a lamp ON and OFF via ethernet as I will do in Delphi Conference Brazil 2012 and as I would very much like to do in the ADUG Autumn Symposium 2013!!

If you like the video, if you like this subject or if you want to learn more on how to integrate DelphiXE2 iOS app and Arduino to develop automation sollutions please show some support by following me on twitter (@victoryjorge), adding some comment here and/or tweeting about this and letting ADUG know that you liked it!

The ADUG Autumn Symposium will be held in

* Melbourne on Thursday 21st March 2013
* Sydney on Friday 22nd March 2013

The format of the two days is identical with all speakers appearing on both days. There are 4 available presentation slots. Typically these are filled by two local Australian speakers, a speaker from Embarcadero and our international guest speaker. Each speaker is allocated 90 minutes which generally includes 10 minutes for questions.

Basically any topic that is of interest to Delphi programmers is welcome. I invite you to look at the programs for the past few years to get a feel for sorts of topics typically covered.

The slides shown on video are available here

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