SPED and FCONT articles


This month I have published two articles showing how to generate SPED-Contribuições and FCONT files in order to update your software to this specific brazilian tax laws that applies to all companies running ERP systems . 

Since 2001 we provide software localization services to third-party ERP and other kind of software systems so they can support brazilian tax laws (NFe, CTe, NFSe, SINTEGRA, SPED and FCONT) and penetrate brazilian market. Our dlls and full-source components are integrated to hundreds of software-house solutions and we have clients in all brazilian states.

The articles were published in Brazilian Portuguese language by ActiveDelphi Magazine website at the following link (free login needed in order to read the content) and show detailed information on how SPED-Contribuições and FCONT file systems work and how to easily generate them from your ERP using the SPEDContribuicoes32dll.dll and the FCON32dll.dll.

I used Delphi in the demos (its a Delphi magazine after all) but the dlls can be called from any Win32 compiler.

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