Rockwell PLC test-bed

Bancada de CLP Rockwell

Today we finished our Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) test-bed based on the Rockwell MicroLogix 1100. On the top we have all kind of input sensors, the PLC is at the center and at the bottom we have all the output, leds, motors or any kind of actuators. The PLC is programmed in Ladder using RSLogixMicro and it connects to the computer via an OPC server implemented by RSLinxSingleNode running in the Nettop computer fixed on the back side. The test-bed is portable and can be remotely operated from its own wireless network… all you have to do is plug a single AC wire adapter to the wall and turn the power button on!

We use OPC to connect the CLP to our Delphi based softwares and be able to read/write any input/output in order to do realtime supervise and control of the sensors and actuators.

We can also use OPC to connect the CLP to other kind of softwares, as we did in this Elipse Scada project shown below, where we simulate the motor production line from  Benteler-Ford, located at Complexo Industrial Ford Nordeste (CIFN)

With the test-bed it is possible to easily develop, test and demonstrate our manufacturing systems control softwares!

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