Key Process Indicator System


iFACTORY is a DelphiXE2 and Intraweb solution developed by TKS. A completely modular and flexible web based system allowing real-time KPI (Key Process Indicator) control in industrial and sales force environments.

We have just installed iFACTORY in a HUHTAMAKI unit in order to track all its production performance on notebooks, mobiles and TVs. Huhtamaki is a global manufacturer of consumer and specialty packaging with head office in Espoo-Finland, net sales of EUR 2 billion in 2011, approximately 14,000 employees in 31 countries in 60 manufacturing units worldwide. For more information about TKS solutions empowering Huhtamaki check the case study.

iFatory em TVs

With TVs installed on management environments managers can keep eyes on whats going on and track real time production performance and quality with summary results by business units or by production lines in each unit with data presented in bar graphs per shift, per day or per month.

With TVs installed on factory floor environments production teams and can monitor their performance in real-time on every line with data presented in line graphs from the last 24hrs, per shift, per day or per month.

The system works independently and/or allows integration with third-party ERP databases and applications such as TOTVS, SAP, Senior among others, displaying KPI for production or quality performance in case of industries or sales force results from each team or business unit.

iFatory no Android

All the data can be accessed via internet (system fully tested for IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari) and 100% compatible with mobile devices (tested for iPhone, iPad and Android).

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