Interactiv-AD the Future Indoor Midia


With Interactiv-AD it is possible to provide interactivity to conventional indoor eletronic media, making it able to detect and respond to interactions with the public. Through the interaction we can extend the time that the viewer is exposed to the brand and develop a hole new concept of advertising where the public can choose their way of relating to the advertised product.

In this video we show how to bring to indoor eletronic media the interactivity that we are already used to deal with on internet

The ability to allow the ad to relate directly to the desires of the viewer is by itself fantastic! The Interactiv-AD goes further and also makes it possible to track all viewer activity and inform to the advertiser how many people interacted, for how long, what are the most chosen options etc … that is detailed knowledge about the impact of your media and people needs and desires regarding you product!

As a result, this method allows the creation of a new media paradigm, where interactivity is the key issue to be considered in order to hold the viewers attentionand expose the consumer to the advertiser’s brand for as long as possible through the distribution of rich and dynamic content and services, with which the viewer is able to interact using only the movement of his free hands in the air.

This is another fine example… this time we have Paola de Oliveira, a very famous brazilian actress… this ad was originally designed for and is available at YouTube… and now with Interactiv-AD we can interact with her at any mall or shopping center to learn more about LUX products!!!

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