Embarcadero Conference Brazil 2016

Embarcadero Conference 2016

Embarcadero Conference Brazil 2016 gathered 550+ developers in São Paulo waiting for Delphi 10.1 Berlin newest releases! In this personal report I bring my experience during the event, slides for my presentations, lots of pictures and much more.

In its 7th edition this was a very special conference for all of us… we were celebrating Delphi for Linux! And I was speaking for 6 times in a row in the biggest Delphi of all!

Once again I was accepted as a speaker and had the pleasure to be among international speaker Jim McKeeth and all the local guys that made the history of Delphi in Brazil! Must say that I am a huge fan of them all! :)

We had 7 simultaneous rooms with 49 presentations total covering different aspects of Delphi programming from basic to advanced level, including, Database, Big-Data, Mobile, Cloud, IoT and much more! . It is good to see that we are growing bigger every year… last year we had “only” 4 simultaneous rooms with 25 presentations. The main room was equipped with simultaneous translation from English to Brazilian Portuguese (and this is how the international speakers talk to the public, mainly non english speakers) and all the other rooms were 100% Brazilian Portuguese spoken! You can see full agenda below.


The event is held in this very nice place called Espaço APAS, with good infra-structure, good parking lot, easy access to public transportation and we can count with great restaurants within a minute walk.

In the morning I was free to attend to the presentations and get ready for very busy afternoon. I am used to do one or two presentations at the event, but this is was my personal record… 3 presentations in a single event!

The slides for all the presentations are available for download on PDF format via GitHub and you can also download all the sample source codes. Here I made my presentations available also via Slideshare as you can see below. Remember you can also access the directory and download complete contents for all the events since 2012. Wow!

First presentation was about Delphi mobile development for IoT integration with Arduino boards. I demonstrated how one can read/write digital/analog value to any pin on the board with very few lines of code in the Delphi side! (presentation was rated 9,6 out of 10 by the audience; second best presentation of the event among total of 45)

After the coffee break I was back on stage to speak about and demonstrate the usage of mobile device features and sensors. We went from Barcode reading using phone/tablet cameras to apple TouchID, accelerometer, gyroscope and much more. (presentation was rated 9,5 out of 10 by the audience)

At last I spoke about Gnostice components for easy and almost no code PDF and Office document manipulation. Gnostice is based in Bangalore-India and is willing to localize their products for huge Brazilian market. This is the second year they sponsor the event and I speak about and demonstrate their products to the big crowd and I was able to demonstrate some new stuff from latest releases including Firemonkey support for document visualization on iOS and Android and also other interesting things such as PDF digital signing, PDF forms database integration, report export and much more! (presentation was rated 9 out of 10 by the audience)

I recently published this video on my Youtube channel (pt-BR spoken) showing a little bit of the event…

At the end of the day we all (speakers and Embarcadero staff) headed to a near by Pizza restaurant… more fun, more beers and a great way to say thanks and see you all next year! Below some pictures from the event…

All the source code examples can be found at this GitHub download link.

Gostou? Quer ter acesso gratuito ao material completo do evento desta e de todas as outras palestras? Para acesso ao material completo consulte o <a href=”https://github.com/flrizzato/EmbarcaderoConference” target=”_blank”>GitHub oficial</a> do evento

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