Area1 CyberFight2012

Cyber Fight 2012

Day Four: Big Day! Big Finals! A huge structure built to receive the arena and visitors from all over the city… we started at 9AM with TV-Bahia channel covering the event! The most important TV channel in our state showed our robots on the mid day news!!!! Wow! Great start!

The 8 robots selected for the finals were fully functional and ready to give us a great show… and to make the show even better we also had Mini-Sumo robots, Humanoid-Sumo robots and Quadricopters!!!

The students were all excited about the prizes… ENIAC was the Champion robot and the students responsable for the project received trophies, and will travel to MIAMI-FL-USA to fight against Devry-Miramar students. SEIS-RODAS was in the second place and the students received trophies and one Galaxy mobile phone each and for the third place we had the OSMAR robot and the students received trophies and one scientific calculator each!!! Impressive uh!?! This was for sure the biggest prizes ever granted in a robot competition in our state! Congratulations to Area1!

The result was great… everybody had a lot of fun, the crowd saw real good combats and at the end we know that the most important thing about all this is to enjoy the studies about software, electronics and mechanics and make sure that our students love what they do and become even better engineers!

Attention: Due to the bus drivers strike the Finals of the CyberFight212 Robot Competition were postponed to July,2.

Day Three: Great day of combats! This May,19 We had 9 robots fighting for 3 positions at the finals… and at the end the robots Osmar, Chuck Norris and Darth Vader made their way! Congratulations to all the students who built their robots and went to the arena… the knowledge is the biggest prize of all and being there makes each of you champions already!

Next Saturday we will have 8 robots fighting in the finals at a real big arena… everything will be set for a great show and students from all over the city are invited to come by and be part of this… let us show how serious Area1 is when in comes to engineering and robotics!

The team responsible for the Champion robot will receive medals, 100% discount in any pos-graduation course at Area1 and one Galaxy Tab each (Two students teams). For the second place we will have medals and one Galaxy mobile phone each and for the third place one scientific calculator each!!! Impressive uh!?! This is for sure the biggest prizes ever granted in a robot competition in our state! Congratulations to Area1!

Day Two: From the initial number of 18 robots we ended up with 12 fully functional sumo robots inside the arena during the first day of competition… At the end of the day we had 5 robots already classified for the Extreme CyberFight2012 finals!

Next saturday morning we will have our second day of combats and the robots will be fighting for the 3 places in the finals that are still left. This means that next saturday we will know the 8 best Area1 sumo robots that will be competing for the title!

The robots Chuck, Eniac, Thor, 6-Rodas and Caixa-Preta are ready to fight for the title and waiting for the last 3 robots to be decided… can´t wait to see next matches and get to know who is going to be the winner!!!

Another good news is that finally Mini-Hannobal Lecter Jr. has a fully functional challenger!!! This means that the 10x10cm-500g sumo robot category is confirmed for November regional Championship! The kids are going to fight in the arena! :)

Check some pictures from the first day of combats!

Day One: Let the games begin! The Extreme CyberFight2012 activities have just started… This Saturday morning (05/05) all the teams met to do te final adjusts on the robots and test the machines in the official arena.

The competition will be held during the 3 next saturday mornings (05/12, 05/19 and 05/26). Inside the arena we will have 18 fully autonomous sumo robots developed by Area1 engineering students in accordance to the RoboGames Unified Sumo Robot Rules for  the Mega Sumo – Auton class.

I’ll be updating this post as the competition goes on… so make sure you come back soon!

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