ADVPL1 Certified Developer


TOTVS is the largest application software company located in emerging countries and the 6th in the world. TOTVS owns Microsiga, RM, Logix and Datasul brands.

Its Microsiga Protheus ERP software solution is developed and can be extended using the ADVPL language and the three level official training courses can be scheduled on different places.

Right now I have finished ADVPL level 1, a 24 hour course that costed R$1.152,00. I’m also very interested on taking level 2 before the end of the semester. The level 1 starts with the language basic structure, commands and functions, the use of the Developer Studio, Protheus Configuration screen, AxCadastro, MSBrowse, Entry Points and at the end your are supposed to know all the basics to be able to do Database configuration and manipulation.

Totvs Developer Network – TDN is the official language reference website. A very good but non-official referente is the BlackTDN where I found the contens and functions available at the include file, encrypted when directly edited. And the best public forum, downloads and general contents related to ADVPL can be found at SuperERP website.


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