XE3 First Steps in FireMonkey and Metropolis


The brazilian Delphi Users Group in Rio Grande do Sul (DUG-RS) is organizing a local event about FireMonkey and Metropolis Interface

Delphi developers can count on XE3 to be able to quickly and easily move their application to Windows 8 Metropolis interface and to use FireMonkey and be able to deploy to Windows and MAC!

FireMonkey FM2- is a application platform for building visually stunning enterprise class and ISV packaged applications for Windows 8 and Mac OS X Mountain Lion using a single codebase. With FireMonkey we can deliver rich, modern applications with native UX fidelity and performance across different operating systems and versions

RAD Studio XE3 enables developers to update existing Windows desktop apps to Windows 8 and the new Windows 8 UI style for both desktop and Slate tablet devices with integrated touch and device sensor support. Additionally, XE3 applications can be deployed across older versions of Windows from XP to Windows 7 with the new UI style, widely known by developers as ‘Metropolis Interface’.

Generally available today, Windows 8 provides a new distinct user interface with support for touch, gestures and live tiles across desktops, tablets and mobile devices. With thousands of apps already available, Windows 8 adoption will quickly increase and support for the new Windows UI style will become a competitive advantage.

Our friends from south Brazil will make a great event in Porto Alegre to teach the local developers how to use this new features from Delphi XE3! I wish I could be there, so don´t loose the opportunity!

Check the original post from DUG-RS announcing the event here.


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