Visiting Hannover Messe 2012

Hannover Messe 2012 main entrance

Last year we came to the CeBIT and this year we decided to visit the Hannover Messe… well what can I say… Hannover Messe is a great fair!!!! Mainly focused on industrial automation and a great place to see whats coming next!

Another nice thing about the Messe is the weather, much nicer in the end of April as the spring just started… if come to the Messe make sure you don’t miss the spring festival (Frühlingsfest)… is a great place to go after a day walking at the fair… just drink some big beers (großes Bier) and have some fun!

Next year we are coming back to the Messe instead of the CeBIT… if you want to know more about the fairs hosted in Hannover check the photo listing the names, search the web and go for it!!! Hope this post is usefull, and if you need any further help just let me know!

April, 27 (Day Three): Last day at the fair and only a few red pavilions left to explore. We took some time at the NOVUS booth… a Brazilian company focused on industrial automation data-capturing and logging hardware. Travel all this far and get to know people from all over the world is really something… but to meet people and companies from our own country that we didn’t even know they existed?!? wow!

We also went to the OPC booth and had a long conversation about OPC-UA with the guys representing Matrikon… they gave a CD with they new Matrikon version with UA Server inside! Nice!

At the end I stopped by the ‘job and career’ booths to learn more about how can one be hired to work in Germany, temporary and permanent work licenses and stuff like that.

April, 26 (Day Two): Now that we saw how the fair is organized and that we know ‘what is where’ its time to make a new strategy in order to accomplish the mission and be able to concentrate our efforts on the booths that really matters so we chose to keep in the red pavilion where all the industrial automation is.

Its nice to see so many companies interested in the Brazilian market and willing to do business with us. Many of them are also very interested on having sales representatives or sales agents in Brazil and this is one of our goals here, try to represent and bring some products back to Brazil. We spoke to a lot of people in different companies…

Speaking about what is new I must say that image recognition solutions applied to production lines is definitely something that is here to stay! Its getting cheaper and easier to implement and that are many booths showing their solutions on the fair. We already have some image solutions at our company and I see that this something that we should keep an eye on.

What is also very new are the autonomous robot solutions applied to production lines and many other factory areas!!! Having robots coming and going between us was fun and gave us a little bit of a taste on how the factory floors are going to be like in a few years… line followers are good but 3D navigation systems are taking over… seeing regular forklift trucks adapted in such a way that they can do all the job by themselves, manipulating pallets in a non-structured environment, was really something! Most of the solutions are using SICK 3D laser sensors just like Google’s self-driving car… and this is the future!!!!!!

April, 25 (Day One): This was our first day visiting Hannover Messe 2012. As we are staying at the city center to get to the fair we just went to the subway at the “Braunschweiger Platz” station (yellow line) and then to “Aegidientorplatz” station and finnaly to “Messe Nord” station (red line).

Once your are in Hannover, all the red line trains will take you from he ‘HauptBahnhof’ (main station at the city center) to the fair grounds… during big fairs like Hannover Messe and CeBIT they also add a special line (#18)… the best lines are the #8 and #18 because they will take you to the main entrance hall called “Messe Nord1″. You can find maps for Hannover subway and train lines here.

One must aware about buying tickets! You can buy tickets in machines found in every station and there are many different options, like DayTickets, OneWayTickets and so on… just make sure you buy them before getting into the train because there is a 40 Euro fee for “riding black”!!! Also make sure you buy tickets for the correct Zones… when leaving the city center on the way to the Messe you are suposed to buy a two Zone ticket.

To go to the fair you will also need to buy tickets… I strongly recommend that you buy them in advance on their website where you can also check for prices… and when you buy the ticket to the fair also remember that it includes free bus and train rides during the Messe hours!!

Hannover Messe is a really big fair and you can see a map of exhibition grounds here… On this first day all we did was to walk straight on the main corridors, without stopping on specific booths, just to looking around to see where the different things were and decide which were the most import things to see and stop by to talk to people! Believe me or not, we walked for 4 hours just in the first day!!! So be ready to walk a lot!!!

The red pavillon is where the industrial automation solutions are and thats our main purpose here. We saw some very interesting stuff and I took some time to watch a fantastic presentation about OPC-UA () presented by Mr. Stefan Hoppe, president of OPC Europe. “Auf Deutsch” but it was great!!! At the end I asked if the slides were available for download and we exchanged cards so I could email him and he could send it to me! Wow! :)

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