TKS and METALTEX partnership


I’m very pleased to announce that my company TKS has just established a new partnership with METALTEX.

As METALTEX partners we will be developing all kinds of Industrial Automation solutions based on their product portfolio. This way we will be able to provide even better solutions in a shorter time. Soon we will receive specific training on Panasonic PLC solutions and also samples improve our PLC test-bed. The test-bed is portable and can be remotely operated from its own wireless network… all you have to do is plug a single AC wire adapter to the wall and turn the power button on!

TKS performs the development of industrial automation projects based on the entire product line Metaltex, focusing on Panasonic PLC programming, testing and simulation, as well as trained professionals to perform activities such as requirements gathering, specification, design, development and deployment of industrial automation solutions for your plant or production line.

Metaltex began its operations in 1958 manufacturing relays to the industry market. Now a days the company works with a wide range of products and solutions for Industrial Automation and has in partnerships with major international companies such as Panasonic-Sunx (Servo-motors, PLCs, HMIs, sensors, timers, etc.), OKI (reed ampoules), Anderson Power (power connectors), Mean Well (switching power supplies), Mornsun (DC-DC converters and AC-DC), MEC (modular switches CI) Teco (engines step), Gave (electrical switches), Delta (frequency inverters, servo motors and HMIs) and Tekel / Italsensor (Encoders).

Call us and ask for a visit! We will be pleased to show what TKS and METALTEX can do for you!


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