Standart Gestures on C++ Builder XE3


You know whats great about Embarcadero? You can use RAD Studio to develop Delphi or C++ applications in a single environment and despite of the code sintax, the available components and their properties are very similar!

Recently I posted a video showing how to develop touch enabled applications using the standart and custom gestures available in Delphi… today I will show you how to work with standart gestures in C++ Builder and you will notice that the only difference is in the C++ code typed inside the OnGesture event! All other configurations, selected options and propertie names are exact the same for both Delphi and C++!

This means that you have the power and flexibility of two languages in a single environment and going from one to another is easy and fast!

Check the complete video available on YouTube (Brazilian Portuguese spoken):


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