Proud to be Embarcadero MVP


I am very proud to say that I am a Embarcadero Most Valuable Professional or just “Embarcadero MVP”.

In 1999 I met Delphi3 and it was love at first sight! Since then I have been publishing articles on the most important Brazilians Delphi Magazines just for the love and passion. No doubt Delphi was and still is the best development tool and language ever!

On March, I received a call from Embarcadero Brazil inviting me to join the so called “Embarcadero Community Evangelist Program” as I was a well known advocate in the community, and did great stuff for everyone’s benefit in all those years of work. The program tailored to recognize Embarcadero’s advocates in the community.

I accepted the invitation and since then we’ve been working in the shadows waiting for Embarcadero’s official announcement scheduled to be done during the World Tour.

Yesterday Anders Ohlsson bloged from Sidney and announced the very first member list of ”Embarcadero MVPs”, and now it is official… I am very proud to say that I am a Embarcadero Most Valuable Professional or just “Embarcadero MVP”.

The list has only 52 people including developers from all over the world. Being in the first list aside with names like Guinther Pauli, Ricardo Boaro, Marco Cantu, Bob Swart, Cary Jensen and many others is really something that makes me proud and happy… those are the guys I read articles and books during all this years… those are the guys I have always admired as great developers and gurus… and now I am one of them!?!?! wow!

As Anders said, an official landing page with links to everyone’s pages etc, as well as official logos, and other materials are in the works… in the meantime I have managed a list with some MVP twitter accounts so developers from all over the world can follow the Embarcadero MVP team to be the first to know about every Delphi related news, articles and stuff!

Glenn Stephens
Lachlan Gemmell

Filip Lagrou - @BeDelphi

Victory Fernandes - @victoryjorge
Adriano Santos - @asrsantos
Alan Glei - @AlanGlei
Caique Rodrigues- @CaiqueRodrigues
Carlos Agnes- @taturs
Guinther Pauli - @guintherpauli
Marcelo Nogueira - @noginfo
Marcelo Varela - @marcelologica
Marcos Antonio Moreira - @mantmor
Marcos Gomes - @mpdelphi
Newton Michel de Oliveira - @newtongaucho
Pedro Bento - @PedroPauloBento
Ricardo Boaro - @rboaro
Rodrigo Carreiro - @carreiromourao
Samuel David - @mukadavid
Luciano Pimenta
Daniel Wildt

Radek Cervinka - @delphicz

Jens Fudge - @JensFudge

Didier Cabale - @dcabale
Felix Colibri

Daniel Magin
Daniel Wolf
Uwe Raabe

Juan Castillo - @jachguate

Marco Cantu - @marcocantu

Eliseo Gonzalez - @EliseoGN
Marco Santin

Bob Swart - @eBob42
Danny Wind - @DannyWind

Alister Christie

Jose Castillo - @jcastillo666

Alexander Alexeev
Alexander Bozhko
Andrey Terekhov
Vladislav Bajenov

Primoz Gabrijelcic - @thedelphigeek

Germán Estévez Ruiz - @Neftali_German
Luis Alfonso Rey
Salvador Jover - @salvadorjover

Magnus Flysjö

Brian Long

Alan Fletcher - @starhikers
Cary Jensen - @caryjensen
Nick Hodges
Ray Konopka
Robert Love - @delphidev
Olaf Monien

Luis Felipe González Torres


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  2. Mike Sutton says:

    Caique, I’m offering a free lifetime licence of my MonkeyStyler FireMonkey style designer to all MVPs. Email me if you’re interested.

  3. Congratulations Victory, it is also a great pleasure to be on the list of MVP’s with Guinther Pauli and Luciano Pimenta who taught me a lot and still had the opportunity to work with them as technical editor and later managing editor of ClubeDelphi. All I know today I owe to them. Our team has really only beasts. I feel close to all the little guys. Success for us.

  4. Congratulations Victory,
    I´m proud to be an MVP also.
    My first contact with Delphi was still in version 1 in 1996.
    I am very happy to meet and work with this tool all this time and see all of its evolution. I must also mention the respect with which we were proud owner of Delphi.

    Delphi forever! :)

    Marcos Antonio

  5. I posting here a complete list of links to keep in touch with each of the MVPs

    Adriano Santos

    Alan Fletcher

    Alan Glei

    Alexander Alexeev

    Alexander Bozhko

    Alister Christie

    Andrey Terekhov

    Bob Swart

    Brian Long

    Bruno Fierens

    Caique Rodrigues

    Carlos Henrique Agnes

    Cary Jensen

    Daniel Magin

    Daniel Wildt

    Daniel Wolf

    Danny Wind

    Didier Cabale

    Eliseo Gonzalez

    Felix Colibri

    Filip Lagrou

    Francois Piette

    Germán Estévez Ruiz

    Glenn Stephens

    Guinther Pauli

    Jens Fudge

    Jim McKeeth

    Jose Castillo

    Juan Antonio Castillo

    Kelyn Pena

    Lachlan Gemmell

    Luciano Pimenta

    Luis Alfonso Rey

    Luis Felipe González Torres

    Magnus Flysjo

    Marcelo Nogueira

    Marcelo Varela

    Marco Cantu

    Marco Santin

    Marcos Antonio Moreira

    Marcos P. Gomes

    Martin Strohal

    Mike Sutton

    Nirav Kaku

    Newton Gaucho

    Nick Hodges

    Olaf Monien

    Pedro Bento

    Primoz Gabrijelcic

    Radek Cervinka

    Ray Konopka

    Ricardo Boaro

    Robert Love

    Rodrigo Carreiro

    Salvador Jover

    Samuel David

    Uwe Raabe

    Victory Fernandes

    Vladislav Bajenov

    Xavier Martinez

    Zarko Gajic

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