Mini-Sumo 10cmX10cmX500g

Mini-Sumo Milestone2

This is our new sumo robot project for the 10cmX10cmX500g category… he will be called “Mini-Hannibal Lecter Jr.” named after his bigger brother 20cmX20cmX3Kg sumo robot project.

This project is being developed in accordance to the RoboGames Unified Sumo Robot Rules for Mini Sumo Class and he will be a competidor at the GRA-Ba Robot Championship in November, CBRA-2012.

We have properly installed and tested all the electronic boards, sensors and motors on the robot. MileStone 1 is finished as follows:

  • Charge and test the 2 HobbyKing Turnigy nano-tech 11.1V; 1300mAh; 3S; 45~90C Li-Po battery pack  – OK!
  • Test the Robocore Arduino Duemilanove ATMega328 microcontroller board – OK!
  • Test the DFRobot 2A H-Bridge Motor Shield for Arduino with  PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) and back and forth control - OK!
  • Test the DFRobot DF15 Metal Gear Servo (6V; 220mA;; 0.25s/60 degree) - OK!
  • Test the 3 Pololu QTR-1RC reflectance border sensor – OK!
  • Test the 2 Pololu Sharp GP2Y0D810Z0F digital 10cm distance opponent sensor  - OK!
  • Weld and test the components (push-button, led, etc) on the Robocore Proto PCB shield for Arduino – OK!

This month we start Milestone 2 which includes:

  • Make our official Arena in accordance to the RoboGames Unified Sumo Robot Rules (diameter: 77cm; white border: 2.5cm)
  • Develop and test a first sumo software version including all basic functionalities such as 5 second wait before starting the fight, border and oponent detection, 90s counting to end the fight.
Milestone 3 includes:
  • Develop and test a final sumo software version including all basic functionalities plus advanced fight techniques for better combat footwork, battery saving during search intervals and full power ahead during pushing intervals, and maybe some clinch detection.
  • Write and publish a complete article describing the projects mechanics, eletronics and software issues.

Milestone 4 includes:

  • Develop and test another Mini-Sumo project based on everything we learned on the first version and making mechanics, eletronics and software improvements.
  • Compete with both robots at the GRA-Ba Robot Championship in November, CBRA-2012.

The complete project files and source codes can be found here. Keep in touch!


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