Firebird Developer Day 2014

The audience at the Firebird Developer Day Brazil 2014

Did you know that Brazil has one of the biggest Firebird Database users communities of all?! Did you know we also have one of the biggest Firebird Conferences of all… gathering 400+ developers every year in Piracicaba-São Paulo?!

Once again I had the pleasure to visit the event and see some great speakers, including international guests from Russia talking about basic and advanced stuff regarding Firebird Database.

I went to the event in the company of two old friends of mine and when we received the event paper bags to my surprise I found ActiveDelphi magazines with my articles on it in two of our three bags! Good to see my work here!!! :)

Can’t wait for next year! For the official event report check the FireBirdDeveloperDay website.

Check some pictures from the event!

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