PORTO ALEGRE-RS – ExtremeDelphi event Report

TwoDaysDelphiExtreme RS

The 9th edition of the TwoDaysDelphiExtreme event arrived in Porto Alegre-RS-Brazil (Sep,23-24)  with 60+ attendees. 

The TwoDaysDelphiExtreme event is a high level software development event designed to focus on Delphi advanced features, but in a simple and easy to understand way… no big audiences, a tour of small events traveling to different cities around Brazil where all the developers have the opportunity to really get to know, have lunch with and actually have time to talk to the speakers in order to share and learn more and more!

Until now the tour had visited Recife-PE,,Fortaleza-CE, São Paulo-SP,,Belo Horizonte-MG, Curitiba-PR, Chapecó-SC, Rio de Janeiro-RJ, Vitória-ES and we just keep going all around Brazil! Many thanks GnosticeDevart, NexusDBSourceOddityTheClub MagazineTMS, Atozed, MitovTKS and Logica.

Best part of all this?! Be with my friends and travel around Brazil, getting to know other developers, teach and learn about Delphi!

Below you find complete agenda


The raffle at the end of the event was also fun! Live and with the help of the guys Rodrigo developed an application to randomly choose a number… everyone was waiting for the license prizes! Check the winners names below:

  • 01 Gnostice ExtremeDocumentStudio license- Jonatas Fernandes Batista Arantes
  • 01 SourceOddity FixInsight license - Luiz Sfolia
  • 01 TMS product license - José Junior Rocha Da Silva
  • 01 Datasnap course discount - Rafael Luiz Siebeneichler and Rafael Passarela
  • 01 OOP course discount - Jeferson Dos Santos Da Rocha
  • 01 Firemonkey course discount - Vagner Silva De Oliveira and Ricardo Schroeder Mendes
  • 01 Devart license - Leonardo Franco
  • 01 NexusDB license - Júnior Eduardo Lenhart
  • 01 BRTag beacons - Mário Oscar Steffen, Rafael Piazza, Paulo Geovane Da Silva Oliveira, Oteniel Furquin Pinto and Normelio Marx
  • 01 Aquasoft backpack - Marcelo Bobsin Pacheco and Pedro Manfroi
  • 01 Aquasoft coffee cup - João Miguel Ströher, João Mello, Christian Souza Christiano and Alessandro Lumertz Garcia
  • 01 Aquasoft T-shirt - Rodrigo Nepomuceno, Carine Gilli, Welson Coelho Junior, Rodrigo Sebben, Átila Cordeiro Biolchi, Fáiza Letícia Schoeninger, Fabricio Deitos Fries, Carlos Alberto Beretta, Alex Barbosa, Gilberto Soares De Almeida, Uillian Chagas Prates, Douglas Colombo, Felipe Vinhas, Gilson Hoffmann, Ademir Paulo Neusque Voigt, Possidonio Ribeiro De Oliveira, Vinicius De Souza Hahn, Sandro Luis Alves Borges and Renê Melo
  • 01 Gnostice T-shirt - Guilherme Henrique Monteiro Severo and Fernando Dalpiaz Boff

During the event we had many live broadcast moments via Facebook… and it was great to see people from all over Brazil cheering and sending us good vibes! We were very happy to have Jim McKeeth, Embarcadero Lead Developer Evangelist, speaking live to us directly from USA… check it out below!

Did you miss the event in Porto Alegre-RS? Don’t worry we are going to be visiting many cities around Brazil! Our next stop date and place is soon to be confirmed! Click here and register!

The day before the event I was invited by Carlos Agnes “Tatu”, Embarcadero MVP, to visit the Pompeia HQ/warehouse and also the Aquasoft HQ/Training center. Soon I will publish the video on my youtube channel!

Check the pictures below to see how was the event in Porto Alegre and make sure you register when the event goes by your city or region!

We would like to invite you and your company to sponsor and/or support our event. Get in touch with us!

We would like to invite you and your company to sponsor and/or support our event. Get in touch with us!

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