Embarcadero Conference 2013


Delphi Conference Brazil 2013 gathered almost 600+ Delphi developers in São Paulo waiting for Delphi XE6 newest releases and to see what the MVPs had to show!

I arrived in São Paulo and met an old friend at the Hotel so we took some time to share useful knowledge on Delphi development.

On Tuesday morning, at 8am we had the usual meeting with Embarcadero Brazil staff to talk about expectations and duties during the event.

The event started at 10am with the opening Keynote of Michael Swindell (Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product Management at Embarcadero Technologies) and Jim McKeeth (Responsible for the MVP program worldwide) showing RADStudio new features.

The slides and source code for all the presentations are available for download ia GitHub. You can access the directory and download complete contents for all the events since 2012. Wow!

Considering the number of people who came to us saying congratulations, asking for more information and even asking to take pictures with us… I have fans?!? :) … I would say they really liked it! Check the complete slides used during the presentation.


During the intervals we had some really nice snacks, thanks to Embarcadero :) and we were supposed to stay in our “talk to an MVP” booth where we were available to talk to people, give technical support, share useful ideas and so on! I met some really interesting people and shared lots of relevant information… and that I think is the most important thing in this kind of events!

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