EC2015-Brazil 3 best presentations by audience choice


Embarcadero Conference Brazil 2015 gathered 500+ developers in São Paulo (Oct,21) waiting for Delphi 10 Seattle newest releases!

In its 6th edition this was a very special conference for all of us… we were celebrating 20 years of Delphi since first version 1 (for 16-bit Windows 3.1) released in 1995. In my case I was celebrating 17 years of Delphi in my life since version 3 (for 32-bit Windows 95/98). Is there a better way to celebrate than speaking for 5 times in a row in the biggest Delphi event around the world?

In the morning I spoke about Gnostice components for easy and almost no code PDF and Office document manipulation. In the afternoon I spoke about Delphi mobile development for IoT integration with mBed ARM based boards.

The event had 4 simultaneous rooms with 25 presentations total covering different aspects of Delphi programming, from basic to advanced level, including, Database, Big-Data, Mobile, Cloud, IoT and much more! The main room was equipped with simultaneous translation from English to Brazilian Portuguese (and this is how the international speakers like Jim McKeeth were able to speak to the public, mainly non english speakers) and all the other rooms were 100% Brazilian Portuguese spoken! You can see full agenda here.

At the end of each presentation the audience was asked to fill a survey with a few questions related to quality of the presentation and overall experience satisfaction. The 3 best speakers selected by the audience were invited by Embarcadero Brazil to take part in the online version of the event (Nov,18).

I am a huge fan of all the guys… I learned alot from them… I am honored just to be speaking among them! Can you imagine how happy I was to be one of the 3 speakers selected by the audience? I would like to thank everyone that voted for me… I always try to give my best and I am glad to know that you liked it!

You can find below the videos of the 3 presentations available at Embarcadero-US official Youtube Channel.

“(IoT) Internet das coisas aplicada a melhor utilização de recursos naturais” by Victory Fernandes e Sileide Campos

“Case: Uma aplicação mobile para gestão hoteleira em 3 dias” by Rodrigo Mourão

“FireDAC Avançado e Movimentação de Dados com FireDAC ETL” by Guinther Pauli

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