7-Seg-Display coders simulation

Proteus BCD7421 to 7-Seg-Display

My Digital Electronics students at Area1 did a great work simulating 7-Seg-Display coders in the LabCenter-Proteus software and publishing the results at Youtube as part of the discipline graded activities. Keep working!

Contratulations to:
Igor Ferreira – Excesso3 Coder

Isadora Leal - BCD5211 Coder

Luciano Rafael and Maiara Alessandra - BCD7421 Coder 

Alef Rodrigo and  and Alessandro de Jesus - BCD7421 Coder 

Sérgio Hein and Rafael Lima - BCD2421 Coder 

Vinicius Cruz Ribeiro e Fábio Kreis - Dinsmore Compass Sensor Coder

Antonio Carlos Magalhães Lima - BCD2421 Coder

Alan Matos e Alex Matos - Gray Coder 

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