SPED and FCONT articles

This month I have published two articles showing how to generate SPED-Contribuições and FCONT files in order to update your software to this specific brazilian tax laws that applies to all companies running ERP systems .  Since 2001 we provide software localization services to third-party ERP and other kind of software systems so they can …


Key Process Indicator System

iFACTORY is a DelphiXE2 and Intraweb solution developed by TKS. A completely modular and flexible web based system allowing real-time KPI (Key Process Indicator) control in industrial and sales force environments. We have just installed iFACTORY in a HUHTAMAKI unit in order to track all its production performance on notebooks, mobiles and TVs. Huhtamaki is a global …

Delphi Plus Kinect

Showcase + Kinect + Delphi

Embarcadero showcase is a website with a big list of applications and companies using Delphi and C++ Builder as software development tools. The website has a nice interface and this gave me an idea… let´s use our Delphi+Kinect application to control Embarcadero’s showcase interface… and now we have a great proof of concept!!! Delphi rocks!


Proud to be Embarcadero MVP

I am very proud to say that I am a Embarcadero Most Valuable Professional or just “Embarcadero MVP”. In 1999 I met Delphi3 and it was love at first sight! Since then I have been publishing articles on the most important Brazilians Delphi Magazines just for the love and passion. No doubt Delphi was and still is the best …


DelphiXE3 is coming!

Yesterday Delphi Product Manager John Thomas (aka JT) bloged about the DelphiXE3 “mobile future” and what we will see in the World Tour events. No iOS support on XE3! At least not for now… Embarcadero is working on this whole new thing to make sure we get the one and only development environment capable of handling …


ADVPL1 Certified Developer

TOTVS is the largest application software company located in emerging countries and the 6th in the world. TOTVS owns Microsiga, RM, Logix and Datasul brands. Its Microsiga Protheus ERP software solution is developed and can be extended using the ADVPL language and the three level official training courses can be scheduled on different places. Right …

SAP HANA and DelphiXE2 MDX Error


I was amused since I first heard about the new SAP HANA and how they used In-Memory Computing to to be able to manage huge amount of data in just a few milliseconds. SAP HANA is a game-changing, real-time platform for analytics and applications that can provide significant processing speed while handling real big data… this demo video shows …


FCONT Article Published

I have just received an email from my editor saying that my FCONT article was accepted and published at the ActiveDelphi Magazine’s website. To read the article you need to register for free at the website. The article show details about the structure of FCONT files and how they can be easily generated using my …


Delphi & RAD Studio World Tour

Embarcadero has just announced a Delphi & RAD Studio World Tour starting in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and focusing Developers and Project managers. At the event we will see exclusive previews of upcoming RAD Studio technologies, In-depth technical demonstrations, Application frameworks, Latest user interface techniques, Multi-platform development and much more!! If you are close to one of this places make sure you don’t miss …